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The Transformation of an Ugly Support Beam

Can a simple support beam be transformed into an elegant architectural feature?

Support beams are essential in every home, ensuring structural stability and safety. 

However, they’re not usually the most aesthetically pleasing elements of a house.

support beam in royse city home

That’s where ModernTwenty Furniture comes in with our innovative craftsmanship, turning an ugly support beam into a beautiful box beam. 

Let’s explore the construction, installation, and transformation of this remarkable project.

Construction of the Box Beam

Our journey towards beautifying support beams starts with the construction of the box beam. 

This process combines the expertise of our skilled craftsmen with high-quality materials. 

The first step is to measure the existing support beam’s dimensions accurately, ensuring a snug fit.

measuring for box beam construction

We then carefully select the wood, taking into account the homeowner’s preferences and the overall interior design. 

Popular choices include white oak, maple, or cherry wood, known for their durability and aesthetic appeal. 

The chosen wood is then meticulously cut, sanded, and finished to create a smooth and elegant surface.

construction of a box beam in our rockwall texas shop

Next, the box beam’s components are assembled, forming a hollow rectangular structure. 

This construction is crucial for fitting over the existing support beam, concealing it beautifully. 

The box beam is further adorned with decorative elements or finishes, such as intricate carving, staining, or painting, according to the homeowner’s specifications.

Installation of the Box Beam

The installation phase is where the magic truly happens. 

Our craftsmen, with their years of experience, carefully place the box beam over the existing support beam. 

fitting the new box beam over the old support beam

Precision is key during this process, ensuring that the box beam fits seamlessly and securely.

With expert hands and attention to detail, we use brackets and screws to secure the box beam in place, making sure it’s not only strong but also perfectly aligned with the rest of the room’s aesthetics.

The transformation from Ugly Support Beam to Beautiful Box Beam

The result is nothing short of remarkable. 

What was once an unsightly support beam is now a striking architectural element, seamlessly blending with the room’s decor. 

new beautiful box beam in royse city home

The box beam not only serves its structural purpose but also adds a touch of elegance and style to the space.

Homeowners can choose various finishes to complement their interior, from a rustic, weathered look to a modern, sleek appearance. 

The box beam, which was once an eyesore, now becomes a centerpiece, adding character and charm to the room.

support beam in royse city home new beautiful box beam in royse city home

Mundane to Extraordinary

Our ModernTwenty craftsmanship have the power to transform the mundane into the extraordinary. 

The construction and installation of a box beam can turn ugly support beams into beautiful, functional pieces of art. 

These box beams not only enhance the structural integrity of a space but also contribute to its aesthetic appeal, creating a harmonious and stylish environment for homeowners to enjoy. 

If you’re looking to elevate the beauty of your home, consider the transformative power of a ModernTwenty box beam.

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